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The rich history of the Sebastopol Vikings Soccer Club dates back to 1972, when it was first established under the name Sebastopol Youth Club Soccer Team. The initiative came as a response to the Victorian Youth Clubs Association’s request for youth clubs to form sports teams and compete with one another. With soccer being a popular choice among the boys, the club leaders tasked the knowledgeable Fred Maggi with forming the team. Fred sought the guidance of a coach from Ballarat Soccer Club for coaching and a suitable ground to train and play on. The team’s first training session saw nine boys turn up, which grew to 20 the following week, marking the birth of the Youth Club Soccer Teams. As the team’s success and stability grew, a committee was formed with the first meeting and election of club leaders taking place on August 22nd, 1972. The club’s commitment to excellence saw them present a proposal to the Ballarat council for a new clubroom in 2009, reflecting their dedication to becoming the region’s premier club with state-of-the-art facilities.
The Sebastopol Vikings were pioneers in promoting women’s football in the region, with two teams participating in the first Ladies 7-a-side competition, achieving a runner-up finish in the cup competition. In 2012, the club was among the participating teams in the first Women’s 11-a-side competition organized by the Ballarat and District Soccer Association. The team’s exceptional performance throughout the season saw them finish just 2 points short of the championship title, having gone unbeaten until the last two games.
The club’s development reached a new milestone in 2013 when the Senior Men’s team was accepted into the State League 5 division, competing with teams in Melbourne’s West Metro league. With a rich history of success and dedication to excellence, the Sebastopol Vikings Soccer Club continues to leave a lasting impact on the sport in the region.



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